The Blockchain needs a reason to be implemented

Audrey gives it that reason

Audrey gives it that reason

The Blockchain needs a

reason to be implemented


Audrey harvests the Blockchain
to potentially save $Trillions
for Businesses and Governments


Blockchain Harvester

The expression “Blockchain Harvester” describes how Audrey will take in the straw, grains and weeds of the blockchain, process them and produce a clean, pure product of only the “grains” that belong to you.

Audrey provides Automated Accounting, which may sound boring, but will save up to $8 Trillion per year in the world economy.

Audrey will be dual purpose. It will be able to be used with or without the blockchain. There’s plenty of potential for a quality Accounting App now, even without the blockchain. Two ways to save money.

Audrey is an exciting innovation that will help drive the implementation of the Blockchain


How It Works

At the moment, this is how your business accounting might work (things will vary from country to country).

We’ll take the example of a travelling Sales Rep. There will be receipts for food. Some of these may be entertainment, which will probably have a Fringe Benefit or similar Tax line associated with them. Some of these may be for meals away from home, which will have a 100% deductible employee expense tax line. Some will have drinks, some of which will fall under one of the two mentioned categories, some may need to be repaid to the company if they are outside company guidelines.

General Investors

Purchase in multiple currencies. 3 for 1 deal. For every 1 Audrey Token you purchase, you will have the right to purchase 2 more Tokens in any other products we develop at 50% of the public issue price, essentially a “buy one, get one free” option. See “Token Bonus” below or right for details.

Large Investors

$US250,000 or more – percentage of the company – 0.25% per $1 million, to a maximum of 19.9% of the company in total. One board position is available to any investor with an investment of $US20 million or more. First come, first served basis, but Hour 25 Software LLC reserves the right to choose or reject any person, company or organisation for any reason whatsoever (but mostly ethical reasons).



The Next Big Thing

If we receive more money than we need to ensure the success of Audrey, then we will operate as Angel Investors looking for great ideas to majority purchase.

Audrey Token holders that participate in the INITIAL Audrey Pre & Token sale, will be given the option of purchasing tokens in any of the first 2 new products we invest in at just 50% of the public issue price. Register under the Contact page so we can advise you, once you’ve bought your tokens.

We won’t just be handing over money to someone that claims to have a good idea, we’ll be purchasing a majority (say 75%) share and paying for the development of the product.

This will ensure the person/company with the good idea doesn’t just take the money and run, but it rewards them for their idea and keeps them at the helm.