We’re living in an unprecedented time
The digital world is overtaking the physical world
We’re living in the Digital Hour.

Hour 25

Hour25 Software LLC
have contracted an experienced and diverse Team
to develop and market
Audrey Blockchain Harvester

Audrey Management Team

Mark Millard

President – Audrey Project

Mark has 30 years experience in Managing and Owning businesses. He has worked in industries as diverse as Farming, Printing and Geophysics and has spent the last 20 years working in the Technology Industry as a consultant.

Mark brought Audrey Blockchain Harvester to Hour 25 Software LLC and recommended the Team to develop and market it.

We’re confident that Mark and his Team have what it takes to turn his idea in to a groundbreaking and disruptive technology that will change the way the world works.

Hour 25 Software LLC Board

Michael Beecham PhD

President – Audrey Product Development
BSC hons Mathematics, MSc Industrial Mathematics, PhD Mechanical Engineering (Finite Element Analysis)

Mike has spent 20 years in Application Development leading many large projects.

“Mike is the most intelligent person I’ve ever met and has an ability to turn that intelligence in to intelligent Development.

It’s rare to find a super-brain that can share their thoughts with the team, but that’s a must if you want a quality product. To say I was thrilled when Mike agreed to work with Audrey, is an understatement.”

Mark Millard – President Hour 25 Development Team

Giedre Millard

President – Audrey Marketing, Product Usability

Giedre has spent a decade running her own Graphic and Web Design business. Originally from Lithuania, she has worked in international organisations in Europe and speaks 5 languages.

“Giedre has an amazing ability to connect with people. After speaking with her for a few minutes, you feel like you’ve known her forever. I’ve never seen anyone that can get people on side and looking the same direction in such a short time.

When she leaves a meeting, people feel like they’ve just made a new best friend. Her abilities and understanding of Marketing and Sales is a must have.”

Mark Millard – President Hour 25 Development Team

Mark West

President – Audrey Finance
B.Bus Agri DipfMBM

Mark “Westy” West has 25 years experience Managing and Owning businesses. He has worked in industries as diverse as Farming, Veterinary Science, Real Estate and Financial Brokerage.

“Westy has a unique brain. He’s not a genius in just one field, he’s has a very broad application of intelligence across almost every spectrum.

His ability to lead, manage, relate to and inspire people is by far the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen him work with children, the elderly and everyone in between and everyone walks away thinking they can walk on water.

Having Westy on board was a no brainer.”

Mark Millard – President Hour 25 Development Team

J Nicholas Pill

President – Audrey Legal and Ethical

Nick has spent 40 years working in areas as diverse as  Law as a Public Prosecutor and Consumer Advocate, Physics, Geophysics and has even spent 7 years teaching English in Japan.

“Nick is a unique individual. He lives in a combination of somewhere out there in the universe of Physics, as a protector of the common person and at times I wonder if he’s an advisor to God. I wouldn’t have looked for someone with legal skills or an ethical background, yet when I was thinking about the people that I wanted on this project, Nick was one of the first people I thought of. His ability to think out of the box and pluck obscure things from the universe and transfer them to reality and his insistence on considering the implications to all and sundry, make him someone you need on a cutting edge, international project.”

Mark Millard – President Hour 25 Development Team

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