Token Sale

Reap the benefits of the Blockchain with Audrey the Blockchain Harvester

Token Sale Cancelled due to lack of sales. We may launch again next year with ETH when the market recovers.

during PRESALE

Once you have read, understood and you agree to be bound by the Agreement,
click on the button to take you to the page that shows you how to purchase Audrey Tokens

Pre-Sale Purchaser Agreement/Purchaser Agreement

Where's the Bullshit?

We subscribe to the KIS (Keep It Simple) principle.

If a project can’t be explained simply, it’s probably not going to work any time soon.

The Audrey concept is simple, it’s Automated Accounting made possible only by using the blockchain.

It has a potential saving to the World Economy of as much as $8 Trillion per year.

Simple. That’s why this website is simple. We’ll be spending your money developing Audrey, not on bullshit jargon to confuse you.

Results count, nothing else does.

Does that mean we’ll be successful? Nothing can guarantee success, we will try our hardest and either we will or we won’t.

Decades in business show us you need to work hard and smart, but you also need some luck. We can only control working hard and smart.


We accept

Bitcoin Cash


Tokens will be issued on the Waves Network, and for very good reasons:

  1. You don’t need to download a client
  2. It’s Simple to use
  3. It’s a DEX (Distributed Exchange)
  4. You can trade them once the Token Sale has closed. No need to wait for Exchange listing.
  5. WAVES can now be used on Ledger Nano S
  6. It helps keep the Ethereum network free for useful things
  7. Complex Smart Contracts will be available on WAVES in the future
  8. You can send $US or EUR to yourself to purchase tokens

Distribution of Tokens

90% of Tokens will be distributed.

YES. 90%

We will only be keeping 10%.

This is about developing a project with phenomenal potential, not about getting rich off a token sale. The money for us comes, AFTER we’re successful, not before.

Maybe that’s a dumb way of doing things, but we tend to think it’s your money, not ours, and you’re giving it to us to produce a great product, not to buy a big house.


Has anyone ever kept to a timeline?

We’re not going to insult your intelligence and provide one that we won’t keep to, however we aim to have Audrey to market within 2 yrs. Check out “Milestones” for the steps required to be successful.

We’ll get this project done as soon as we can.

The sooner we get it to market, the sooner we make money, so we’ll be working as fast and as hard as we can to get it to market as soon as possible.


After the successful close of the Token Sale, we will need to:

Put together a project plan that works with the funds raised
Hire Staff
Put together a framework that can be customised across International Accounting Systems
Design the GUI
Build Audrey
Market Audrey
Sell Audrey

Sounds simple when you say it quickly!!